Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets in One Afternoon
Do you dread opening your kitchen cabinets? Afraid of what might topple out and hit you in the head? Dread digging around for that spice you know is there somewhere? Never fear, Martha Stewart to the rescue with these great, painless organizational tips for taking your cabinets from mayhem to marvelous.

Start With Baskets and Bins
Hit up a yard sale or your local dollar store—or better yet, dig around in your garage or basement—and gather several sized baskets and storage bins to sort and house small items that tend to cause clutter, such as spices, teas, dish towels, cake decorating items and cleaning supplies.

Add a Life-Changing Lazy Susan
Tired of digging in the recesses of cabinets to unearth items? A lazy Susan turntable can change all that, especially when installed in a corner cabinet. You can even try one in the fridge.

Spice Racks and Shelves
Invest in a wire spice rack that fits into your cabinet or mount one on a wall. Use plastic-coated wire shelves to double the storage capacity of existing shelves in your cabinets.

Cutting Boards and Pans
Get creative and install rows of tension rods between cabinet shelves in order to store cutting boards, baking sheets and other non-breakable flat items vertically. Think of it as a DIY plate rack.

Glasses and Plates
Group by style and function. For example, put all everyday glasses on one shelf, stemware on another. Stack ceramic plates in one group—no more than four to six together—and fine china in another.

Once your organizational system is in place, your cabinets will be neat, accessible and most importantly, stress-free.

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